Rubbertek was founded in Taiwan in 1989. The company initially produced only rubber rollers and some rubber parts for printers, fax machines and scanners. In 1996, it invested in Suzhou China, and developed to produced metal shaft products in 1999. In 2000, the company established a rubber product R&D center, specializing in the production of OA equipment, financial equipment, retail Weighing and pricing equipment and electronic instruments used for precision shaft, Extrude shaped material parts, rubber rollers and other rubber parts, and has successively set up for major OA machine Manufacturers. Rubbertek Group currently has four companies: Rubbertek Taiwan, Rubbertek Suzhou, Rubbertek Thailand and Feedtech Vietnam (under construction). In addition to serving the Chinese and Japanese markets, Suzhou is also responsible for the technical support of customers in Europe and America, as well as the supply of some semi-finished products from factories in Thailand and Vietnam.